Sliced Ex Trace Margot Robbie’s Leaf from the sequel to the superhit film ‘Barbie? Know what is the reason


A piece of big news has come out about the sequel to the superhit film ‘Barbie, According to which actress-producer Margot Robbie is not expected to appear in the film.

New Delhi: ‘Barbie’ made money at the box office of the whole world, It is still on the list of the world’s highest-grossing films even after the film was banned in many countries, But shocking news is now coming out about the sequel to the film, According to information, there is not much hope in the film about the return of actress-producer Margot Robbie,

Assobiz.According to the Com report, the actress has no plans to recreate her main role in a possible ‘Barbie 2, According to a new report by Radar, The two-time Oscar-nominated actress is happy to let her co-star, Ryan Gosling, plays the lead role in a new film focused on her character, Because there is little chance of making another film around his character.

Will not be the next Ken movie

A so-called insider told the outlet, “Everyone in the studio is talking about making a Ken film, While not the idea of making another film around Margot as Barbie,” As the source pointed out, the actress reportedly accepted it as “for Margot, it’s all about the story,” Sources said, “Barbie’s film ended with Margot’s Barbie becoming the real woman, Follow-up of that journey is not required, There is considerable scope for Ryan to do a full-blown Kane film in which Margot will join from behind the scenes.

The sequel was talked about in June

Insiders say that Greta Gerwig did not intentionally create the film’s Universe around just one Barbie, Robbie is not expected to return for the sequel, but Warner Bros. owners can still offer good-nonsense money in an attempt to recall him. Let Greta Gerwig direct the comedy from the screenplay written with her husband Noah Baumbach. In June, Robbie talked about the possibility of a ‘Barbie’ sequel. He said about making the first film, “I think if you try to make the first film and also plan a sequel then you get caught in a trap.

Earning US $ 1.4 billion

Although it has grossed US $ 1.4 billion worldwide, the sequel to ‘Barbie’ by Warner Bros. has not been officially flagged। It is said that Gerwig and star Robbie as well as Gosling are not contractually obliged to return for ‘Barbie 2.

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