A young man wanted to kill Queen Elizabeth with a bow arrow, which proved to be a crime, sentenced to 9 years


A Sikh young man plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth from Dhanush Baan has been sentenced to 9 years by a British court. This punishment is heard keeping in mind his mental health.

A British court sentenced a 21-year-old Sikh youth to 9 years in prison for conspiring to kill British Queen Elizabeth II. The name of this Sikh young man is Jaswant Singh Chail. This young man wanted to kill Queen Elizabeth II with a bow arrow in 2021. For this, he had reached close to Elizabeth. The British court sentenced the Sikh young man to 9 years in keeping with his mental health.

During an Old Bailey court hearing in London, Judge Nicholas Hilliard ruled that Chail be kept at Broadmoor Hospital, a high-security mental hospital in Berkshire, until then, Until he becomes healthy. He will then be kept in custody.

The young man had reached the bow and arrow to kill the queen

On the morning of December 25, 2021, when Queen Elizabeth was in her private apartment at Windsor Castle, two officers saw someone and they reached her. Police officers saw a young man standing, with a bow arrow in his hand. He told the authorities that he had come here to assassinate Queen Dhanush Baan.

Where did the idea of killing the Queen from Dhanush Baan come from?

According to media reports, Jaswant Singh Chail inspired the ‘Star Wars series and made up his mind to commit murder in this way. Jaswant reported in a social media video that he did this to avenge the Jalianwala Bagh massacre of 13 April 1919 in Amritsar, Punjab. The judge stated his reasoning behind the order of conviction, saying, ‘This act was conceived in 2021 when the young man Jaswant Singh Chail was mentally fine.’

The judge said that Jaswant Singh conspired to commit murder, for which it became necessary to punish him. During the hearing, the court said that Jaswant Singh Chail had gone to Amritsar with his family in 2018 and there he came to know about the Jalianwala Bagh massacre. He was only then thought to have killed Queen Elizabeth II.

Apologized to King Charles

Please tell that Queen Elizabeth II died in September 2022 at the age of 96. Last month, Jaswant Singh apologized to the royal family and King Charles III via a letter. According to the court report, Jaswant Singh comes from a good family. Her father is a software consultant at Aerospace, her mother is a teacher and her two twin sisters are currently studying. Although Jaswant conspired to kill the Queen, he was sentenced to 9 years by the court for this.

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