Telangana: Kishan Reddy retaliated, and Rahul took a jibe at the promise of making a backward caste leader the CM.


In an election rally, Rahul Gandhi had taken a dig at BJP’s talk of making a Chief Minister from a backward class. Now BJP leader Kishan Reddy has hit back at Rahul Gandhi’s statement

Reddy, president of BJP’s Telangana unit, said the BJP works towards fulfilling the social, economic and political aspirations of the backward caste people who form 55 per cent of the total population of Telangana.Hyderabad: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted BJP in an election public meeting. Rahul Gandhi said that if BJP gets only two per cent votes then how can you make him the Chief Minister? Now, while countering this statement of Rahul Gandhi, Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is planning to make a backward-class candidate the Chief Minister of Telangana. Rahul Gandhi’s jibe at the promise is arrogant and an insult to this class of people. He said that making fun of BJP’s slogan of making a backward caste leader the Chief Minister is not just a criticism of the party Rather, it is an insult to the aspirations of people belonging to backward classes who work hard to earn their livelihood.

Insult to backward class

Reddy said on the social media platform ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) that ‘Rahul Gandhi is not able to accept Shri Narendra Modi ji who comes from a backward caste and is on the post of Prime Minister. Ridiculing the BJP’s promise of making a backward caste candidate the Chief Minister of Telangana, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday asked how can the BJP do this when it is going to get very less votes. Rahul is not able to digest the BJP’s announcement of making a person from a backward caste the Chief Minister if it comes to power.’ He said that if the Congress ‘continues to insult the backward classes’ in Telangana in the same way it will be limited to only four seats in the upcoming elections. Gandhi had asked during an election rally in Telangana, ‘If you get only two per cent of the votes here, then how will you make you the Chief Minister?’

All four tires of BJP’s vehicle punctured.

Former Congress president Gandhi claimed that BJP leaders keep ‘bragging’ about their prospects in the state, but Congress has ‘punctured all four tires of the BJP car’ in the state. Let us tell you that assembly elections are going to be held in Telangana on 30th November. For this, leaders of all major parties are actively engaged in election campaigns. At the same time, the phase of rhetoric continues in the election environment. The results of the assembly elections will be declared on December 3. Rahul Gandhi addressed election rallies in Kalvakurthi, Jadcherla and Shadnagar in Telangana.

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