The most powerful earthquake ever in Pakistan! Foreign researchers claimed


A foreign scientist claimed that a high-speed earthquake could occur in Pakistan. Since then, there has been an atmosphere of fear among the people in the neighbouring country. However, Pakistan’s tsunami centre has called this claim false.

There is a possibility of a high-speed earthquake in our neighbouring country Pakistan. This claim has been made by a Dutch researcher. The situation of shock has remained in Pakistan since this claim. The Dutch researcher claimed in a post on social media that Pakistan and its surrounding parts saw fairly strong atmospheric fluctuations that “sign of the intense earthquake to come” It is possible that since then, fear has spread in the neighbouring country of Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan’s National Tsunami Center has misquoted it.

Anxiety among people

Indeed, the social media post of a Netherlands-based research institute has fueled speculation of a potentially powerful earthquake in Pakistan in the coming days. A researcher from the Solar Systems Geometry Survey ( SSGEOS ) stated that Pakistan and its surrounding parts saw significantly stronger atmospheric fluctuations that “There may be a sign of an incoming intense earthquake shock. These fluctuations have caused interest and concern among the people.

Fatal earthquakes in Turkey and Syria were predicted

Let me tell you that the Dutch Scientist, Frank Hugerbeats, has urged caution to arrive at conclusions about the predictions of this potential earthquake. Let us tell you that the Hugerbeats said in a social media post on X, “On September 30 we recorded atmospheric fluctuations, Which included parts of Pakistan and its surroundings. this is right.” This may be a sign of subsequent acute shock ( as was the case with Morocco ). But we cannot say for sure that this will happen.” The Hooghbeats, seeing the situation of the first planets, predicted deadly earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

This cleaning also

In an earlier post, Frank Hugerbeats stated that a major seismic event could occur on October 1-3. Although he later also rejected rumours of a “major earthquake”, it emphasized that the indicators (indicators) are no certainty. He wrote on X, “Often when we say that a rapid earthquake is likely to occur, rumours emerge that “a major earthquake will occur.” These rumors are false! There may be indicators, yes. But there is no certainty that this will happen.

National Tsunami Center Karachi rejected

Amir Haider Laghari, director of the National Tsunami Center Karachi, dismissed the speculation and insisted that the timing and location of the earthquake could not be predicted. If the report of The Express Tribune is considered, Laghari said that earthquakes can occur at any point within the boundary line of the two major tectonic plates passing through Pakistan and it is impossible to predict.

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