What is the stand of Congress regarding the special session of Parliament? This big decision was taken at the party meeting


Today there was an important meeting of the Parliamentary Strategic Group of the Congress Party in which the current problems in the country were discussed. The special session of Parliament was also discussed in this meeting.

New Delhi : There is an eagerness among political parties about the special session of Parliament as to why the central government called a five-day special session between 18 September and 22 September has gone? The Congress Parliamentary Strategic Committee met today amid ongoing discussions in political corridors. The special session of Parliament was also discussed in this meeting as the burning problems of the country were discussed. The Congress says that it has not been informed till date what issues will be discussed in the special session of Parliament.

Congress MP KC Venugopal requests all PCCs to organise a massive one-day ‘Maun Satyagraha’ (silent protest) in front of Gandhi statues in all state headquarters on July 12 to express solidarity with party leader Rahul Gandhi Gujarat High Court today upheld Sessions Court’s order denying stay on conviction of Rahul Gandhi in the defamation case against ‘Modi surname’ remark. Image source, Twitter


Meeting led by Sonia Gandhi

Economic problem, unemployment, inflation, damage caused by rain in Himachal Pradesh, floods in the Northeast, Manipur situation, in a meeting led by Sonia Gandhi, the head of the Congress Parliamentary Party, There was discussion on the matter and the challenge related to the Adani group. Ramesh told reporters, When a special session is called, all parties get the subject information in advance. There is a dialogue with the parties, roughly an agenda is set, followed by a special session. But this time we saw that at the time of the meeting of ‘ India ’ this session was announced so that attention could be diverted from the meeting. He claimed that no information was given in advance about the session and that ‘ one-way cannon ’ was being carried out by the government.

We want public issues to be discussed – Jairam Ramesh

Ramesh, the chief whip of Congress in the Rajya Sabha, said, It is impossible to have only government functioning. Is our presence just to wow and listen to the Prime Minister’s praise? We want public issues to be discussed. According to him, political, social and economic issues, challenges at the borders should also be discussed. Ramesh said that we will demand from the government that all subjects be discussed. He said that public issues should be discussed in both houses and a meeting can be decided for discussion. Ramesh said that it should not be like August 5, 2019 that it is said that a bill is to be introduced and passed on the same day.

Congress ready to discuss important issues

Gaurav Gogoi, Deputy Leader of Congress in the Lok Sabha said, In the meeting we discussed important issues related to the country. Economic problems, unemployment, inflation, damage caused by rain in Himachal Pradesh, floods in the Northeast were discussed. Manipur still has instability, people are still in camp today, murders are taking place। This was also discussed. There should be an investigation into the recent revelations related to the Adani group, it was also talked about. Instability He said, There is instability in society. The reason for this is the divisive policy of the BJP. This has been discussed. Gogoi claimed, BJP is unable to explain what the agenda of the session is. The government should be transparent, its accountability is created. But this government is neither transparent nor responsible. This government has kept the country in darkness. He said, the house belongs to the country, Important issues related to the countrymen should be discussed. Congress is ready to discuss these important issues and make its suggestions.


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