What will the government do to the caste census data? Tejashwi Yadav replied


The politics of the country has become hot after the caste census data in Bihar. Even after all the opposition, the Nitish government conducted this census and released its data. Many opposition parties, including Congress, have now jumped in support of the caste census.

The Bihar government released caste census data on Monday. Data on the population of every caste, religion and class has also been released in a state with a total population of 13 crores. Now after the release of this data, many opposition parties including Congress have started demanding caste censuses in other states as well. But will the Bihar government do this caste census data? This question has been answered by the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Rajad leader Tejashwi Yadav. Let’s know what they said.

What did you say stunning?

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and Rajad leader Tejashwi Yadav said that caste-based census has been demanded from the beginning. Today scientific data of caste-based surveys has been released. In the short time after becoming a government, we gathered information and today we have done historical work on the historic day. He said that we will try to bring welfare schemes based on scientific data. Explain that the purpose of caste census is to find out the exact number of Dalits and backward people living in the state and make special schemes to pursue them.

Nitish also made a statement

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also made a statement after the data of the caste-based census was shared. He said that after doing everything, the result has come to the fore. After that, we have taken information about the economic condition of every family. Tomorrow we will put all things in front of everyone in the all-party meeting. The government will take all necessary steps by taking everyone’s opinion in the meeting.

Rahul Gandhi demanded this

The caste census and its data in Bihar are discussed all over the country. Now Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has also given a statement on this matter. He said that the caste census of Bihar showed that there are OBC + SC + ST 84. There are only 3 OBCs among the 90 secretaries of the central government, which handles only 5% of India’s budget! Therefore, it is necessary to know the caste figures of India. The more the population, the more right – this is our greetings.

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