When Rahul Gandhi’s slippery tongue, BJP pinches


Rahul Gandhi did something during the press conference, which once again gave BJP a chance to pinch. Rahul Gandhi spoke of failing his own party’s government in two states.

The date was set for elections in five states on Monday. There, the Congress Working Committee (CWC ) meeting was also held in Delhi. After the meeting, Rahul Gandhi, while holding a press conference, expressed the opinion of Congress on the ethnic census. During this time Rahul Gandhi did something that once again gave BJP a chance to pinch. In fact, in the press conference, Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP and said where his government was going. During this time, he asked to go to the Congress government.

Rahul said – Sorry, wrong spoken

Rahul Gandhi said that his government is going to Rajasthan. Not only this, he also named Chhattisgarh. However, both these states currently have a congressional government. Soon after Rahul said this, he corrected his point of apology. Rahul Gandhi said as soon as he realized his mistake, Sorry, I said wrong. You confused me.

“Rahul Gandhi accepted”

BJP has shared a video of Rahul Gandhi’s tongue slipping on its social media platform X. The BJP wrote, Rahul Gandhi accepted, going to the Congress government from Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Many BJP leaders have taken a toll on Congress and Rahul Gandhi, sharing this video.

Rahul’s statement was also in discussion

Even before this, a statement by Rahul Gandhi came up in the discussion. He said in one of his statements some time ago that the Congress victory in Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Chhattisgarh assembly elections is confirmed, But doubts were expressed about the party’s victory in Rajasthan. He said that we are close to victory in Rajasthan.

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