Will defeat against India threaten captaincy? Babar Azam angrily answered this question


Pakistan captain Babar Azam made a big statement before the high-voltage bout against Indian Toom. Babur’s captaincy has been questioned before this match.

ODI World Cup 2023: The Indian cricket team is scheduled to face Pakistan in their third bout of the ODI World Cup 2023. The match between India and Pakistan is always very thorny. But still, the Pakistani team never defeated India in the World Cup. Pakistan’s team has lost to Team India in the World Cup 7 times. Many Pakistan captains have been gritty after their defeat in the World Cup by Team India. Now the same can happen with the current captain Babar Azam.

Babur’s fear of defeat

Prior to the high-voltage match against India, Babur Azam said that the result of the match against India in the World Cup on Saturday would not affect his captaincy. There is pressure on the captains of both teams before this important match as fans of any team do not want to see their team lose. Babur, however, expressed that there is no pressure on him. It is a different matter that he did not look happy on the question of the impact of the outcome of this match on his captaincy.

Babur said I have never worried that I will lose my captaincy due to this one match. I will get what Khuda wrote in my luck. I will get what I deserve. I did not get captained due to a match and I will not lose it due to a match. His record against India in ICC tournaments is not good and he also accepted it. He believes that there is a reason for not playing against India other than ICC competitions.

Records are not good

Babur said that my record in the World Cup is not yet as it should be, but hopefully, you will see some difference in the next match. Against India, we face each other only in the World Cup. In such a situation we get a chance to play against each other in long intervals. Bowlers are not the reason for my poor record.

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