Will the government scoot the teachers posting in remote areas? CM said a big thing


Chief Minister of Assam Himant Vishwa Sharma has said that his government is considering giving scooters to school teachers in remote areas in the coming times so that the student’s studies Do not harm.

Tejpur: Assam Chief Minister Hemant Vishwa Sharma said on Friday that his government is considering giving scooty to teachers of schools in remote areas. Sharma said that having Scooty would help teachers get into classrooms on time. He said in the bicycle distribution program for 9th-grade students in Tejpur, Assam, ‘ There are some schools that are in remote areas and due to geographical conditions teachers are late to get there. We can scoot about 50 thousand such teachers so that they reach school on time.

Students should not suffer the loss of studies

The Chief Minister said that in 2 years the bicycle distribution program will be done at the class-8 level so that students can easily come to school during their high school studies period. Sharma said, ‘ The most important thing for our government is that teachers arrive at school on time and there is no loss of even one minute of students’ studies. ’ He asked the students and teachers to also tell which areas where roads and bridges are needed for school commuting. The Chief Minister urged the students to plant at least one plant to increase greenery in the state.

Bicycles distributed to millions students ’

CM of Assam later wrote on ‘X’, ‘ Progress and development depend on making life easier and creating an ecosystem where our children can receive quality education. From rebuilding more than 4,000 schools and completing teaching vacancies, Assam is also equipping students with bicycles, computers and two-wheelers. Today we distributed 161 crore bicycles to 3.7 lakh meritorious students of 9th grade in government schools, of which 56 per cent are girls. ’ In the photos, the students were seen very happy to meet Himant.

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