R Madhavan did such a tweet about ‘Mission Raniganj’, Akshay Kumar immediately added hands


R Madhavan recently watched the film ‘Mission Raniganj’, after which he tweeted a tweet about it. Akshay Kuman has also won hearts with his response to this tweet.

New Delhi Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Mission Raniganj’ has been in theatres ever since its release. Not only this, with the very good Word of Mouth used for the film, the film is receiving great reviews from audiences and critics. Now South Superstar R Madhavan has also praised the film and asked people to watch it.

What did Madhavan say after watching the movie?

Please tell me that R. Madhavan went to see Mission Raniganj, and he was completely impressed with the film. After watching the story of an anonymous hero, the actor became really emotional. While praising the film, R. Madhavan wrote the caption on his social media, “Tomorrow went to the theatre and saw this picture. What a wonderful picture man. How is the hero in our country that we do not know about? What are you doing? This opportunity will not be found again. Go soon and see these in movie theatres. Then do not say later that you did not speak.

Akshay Kumar gave this answer to Maddy

Akshay Kumar responded shortly after R. Madhavan’s tweet. Thanks to the superstar, Akshay wrote – “Thank you very much, Maddy, for appreciating the film and so much love ” Akshay Kumar has also created a hand-adding emoji with it.

Jaswant Singh Gill’s story

Talking about the film ‘Mission Raniganj’, is directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, and produced by Vashu Bhaganani, Jackie Bhaganani, Deepshikha Deshmukh and Ajay Kapoor. The film deals with the coal mine accident that shook not only the country but the world. The dedication of the RaceQ team led by Jaswant Singh Gill is the life of the film.

Image Source X Akshay Kumar

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