Another major commander of Hamas killed in the Israeli attack was an attack on Israel, main roll


The Israeli military is targeting Hamas terrorists hiding in the Gaza Strip. Israel has killed another Hamas commander, Muetaz Eid. This commander had an important role in Hamas’s major attack on Israel on 7 October.

Israel-Hamas War: On October 7, Hamas launched a three-way deadly attack on Israel. Israel groaned with this attack. Hamas case commander Muetaz Eid had an important role in this attack. This Hamas commander was also killed in a counterattack on Israel’s Gaza Strip. Israel received intelligence on this commander’s October 7 attack on Israel to be desired in the case of an attack on Israel. Accurate intelligence was carried out by killing this commander Muetaz Eid in the South District of Gaza.

Israeli army taking revenge on Hamas

Indeed, the Israeli military is taking revenge on Hamas after the Hamas attack on its country. There is great news that another major commander of Hamas has been killed in Israeli Airstrikes. The name of this commander was Muetaz Eid. Muetaz Eid played a large role in the October 7 attack. The Israeli intelligence agency was behind it on the same day. Based on accurate intelligence, the Israeli Airforce has airstrikes in the southern district of Gaza to reach Muetaz. Hamas military base in this Israeli airstrike is completely devastated, whose video has also been released.

250 Hamas targets were destroyed in 24 hours, and many commanders killed

Earlier last night, there were horrific airstrikes on Gaza. Many Hamas terrorists were killed in this attack. Many militancy bases collapsed. Israel has cleared that Hamas will be completely wiped out. One of his terrorists will pile up. Several top Hamas commanders have been killed in this episode so far, including Bilal Al Kedra, Ali Kadi, and Murad Abu Murad. In the last 24 hours, the Israeli Air Force has destroyed about 250 targets of Hamas.

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