BJP leader severely bathed the bar girl on her birthday, and said – our culture is


The assembly is scheduled to take place later this year in Chhattisgarh. In view of this, BJP leader Shyam Bihari Jayaswal from Manendragarh seat is a strong contender. Before that, a video of his birthday came out, in which he became the target of the leaders of the opposing party.

Shyam Bihari Jayaswal, former BJP MLA who gives reservations to women and slogans of women empowerment, becomes a shameful situation for the party when he forgets his dignity. Shyam Bihari Jayaswal is a strong contender for the Manendragarh assembly seat for the upcoming assembly election. Meanwhile, the BJP leader arrived at Gram Panchayat Bardar on the 1st to celebrate his birthday. BJP activists organized dance programs in the village regarding the MLA’s birthday. A flexi of the former MLA’s birthday was also installed on the stage.

Porn dance scene

Bar Girl laughed fiercely on the birthday of a former BJP MLA. Also, the view of porn dance was also seen in the village all night. Supporters of former MLAs are also seen dancing along on stage while looting money on bar balas. The former MLA has described porn dance as a culture of Chhattisgarh. During this time the former MLA himself said that this is our culture, not just dance. Not only this, he said when the Baja rings, be it a boy, young or old make their season in the dance.

Maendragarh MLA attacked

Congress legislator has attacked BJP for pornographic dance. MLA Vinay Jayaswal from Manendragarh Legislative Assembly attacked former BJP MLA, saying how the bar banal dance was obscene on the birthday of the former MLA. This is the character of the former BJP MLA who talks about making reservations and empowerment to women.

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