Clouds cracked on Lhonak Lake in Sikkim, missing 23 army personnel in Teesta River Salab


23 army personnel went missing in Salab, who came from a cloud burst on Lhonk Lake in Chungthang, Sikkim. There, the lowlands have been flooded with the pheasant. NH-10 is completely swept away in Meli.

Lake outburst: A sudden cloud burst on Lake Lhonk in North Sikkim, missing 23 army personnel in Salab of the Tista River. Defence PRO from Guwahati has given this। Indeed, the bursting of Lake Lhonk in Chungthang, Sikkim, has flooded the lowlands. The water level of the Tista River started rising rapidly as the lake burst and the river took a macabre form on sight. Search operations have started to search for 23 missing army personnel.

The administration alerted the lowlands after a cloud broke over Lhonk Lake. Gazoldoba, Domohni, Mekhliganj, Gheesh, and the lowlands of Bangladesh may be more affected. These areas were particularly alerted. There, the National Highway-10 in Meli is completely swept away. The burst of the lake increases the risk of flash floods. Therefore, the administration is vigilant at its level so that the loss of life and property can be reduced.

According to information, there is a risk of flash floods in low-lying areas due to the bursting of Lhonk Lake. At the same time, the water level of the Tista River is increasing rapidly.












South Lhonak Lake in North West Sikkim experiences lake outburst, triggers flash floods Image Source: ANI Twitter 

The administration has asked the people of these areas to remain alert.

  1. Fidang
  2. Dictu
  3. Makha
  4. Singatam
  5. Color
  6. Meli
  7. Sangklang
  8. Bringbong


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