Chandrayaan-3 Mission: ISRO said – Pramnana, the signal not getting from Vikram, then if not activated..


Lander Vikram and Lander Rover have completed a day at the moon after Chandrayaan-3’s soft landing on the moon. ISRO says that the objective of the Chandrayaan-3 mission has been fulfilled। However, the effort is to wake them up and gather additional information.

The people of the country are waiting for Chandrayaan-3 to wake up. People were eagerly waiting for 22 September, as it was morning on the moon on 21 September and sunlight has returned to the moon. Simultaneously ISRO began sending signals to awaken the cognition rover and Vikram lander. However, these signals have not yet been received। In such a situation, the next stop of the Chandrayaan-3 mission is looking difficult for ISRO. People’s expectations are now completely fixed today. ISRO has said that now these efforts will be made on 23 September.

Lander-rover spend 1 day on the moon

Lander Vikram and Lander Rover have spent a full day on the moon after a soft landing on the moon of Chandrayaan-3. During this time the payloads that went with Vikram and Lander have sent many important information about the surface of the moon to ISRO. ISRO Scientists say that the objective of the Chandrayaan-3 mission has been met. Now the efforts are to wake up Vikram and Lander once again and gather more information.

Design for mission till 7 September

One day on the moon is equal to 14 days of the Earth. A day of the day began on August 23 on the moon. Therefore, ISRO succeeded Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram Lander on the south pole of the moon on 23 August. From then on for about 11 days, Lander Rover sent several important information about minerals, seismic activities and plasma from the surface of the moon to ISRO. The mission was designed until 7 September. However, three days earlier ISRO switched off Vikram Lander and Lander Rover, So that the battery remains in it and after 14 days night when it is morning again on the moon, they should be activated again. ISRO tried on Friday which failed.

Signal sent to both modules

It is morning on September 20-21 on the moon. It gets temperature up to -238 ° C in many areas at night, so despite being in the morning on the moon. was waiting for two days, So that the batteries are well charged with the solar panel mounted on the Vikram lander and the Lander Rover. ISRO then set a Friday to send signals to both of these modules of Chandrayaan-3. Scientists at ISRO on Friday constantly tried to contact Vikram and Lander Rover which failed. However ISRO tweeted that the effort would continue.

What will happen if not active?

According to ISRO’s plan, if the lander and rover become active, they will gather additional information from the moon and send it to Earth as before. ISRO says that if it does not, they will be there forever as ambassadors of India.

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