Devoleena Bhattacharjee shared dance video, body bruises seen by fans


TV world’s Gopi Bahu Devoleena Bhattacharjee has shared a dance video on the song of Shahrukh Khan on Instagram.

New Delhi Devolina Bhattacharji, who has won the hearts of viewers for decades by becoming a Gopi multi on TV, is an excellent actress. But do you know that he is also a great dancer. His dance videos go viral on social media on the day he arrives. Devolina is also very active on social media and her videos and photos go viral as soon as they appear. But today a video has worried the fans of Gopi Bahu. Because in this video of him, there are bruises on the body.

Dance performed on Shahrukh Khan’s song

In the video that Devolina has shared, she is seen dancing to Shah Rukh Khan’s song ‘Kal Ho Ho Ho’ on ‘Pretty Woman. He has danced in one place, which looks quite beautiful. Devolina’s clalical dancer skill is seen clearly in this video.


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Marks of injury upset fans

Another thing with dance in this video has caught the attention of fans. That is the injuries on his body. Yes! A bendage is seen on Devolina’s neck. Along with that, a dark blue mark is seen on his hand. Seeing this, fans are asking him the reason for the injury in the comment। Everyone is worried about the actress.

Devolina’s Workfront

These days Devolina is appearing in the TV serial ‘Dil Dien Gallan’ after a 10-year leap. In which she is seen playing the role of a music teacher direction. Whose past is sad and she is a divorced mother. Please tell that Devolina was also seen in ‘Big Boss 15. She is married to Shanwaz Sheikh only a few months ago.


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