Hamas top commander killed in Israeli attack, notorious extremist hiding in central Gaza


The top commander of Hamas terrorists has also been killed in the Israeli attack. Hamas military Sakha himself has confirmed the death of his commander. According to the Hamas military branch, his top commander, Ayman Nofel, was killed in an Israeli airstrike in a camp in central Gaza.

Hamas’s top commander has also been piled up in the Israeli military attack. According to the Israeli Defense Forces, this most notorious extremist of Hamas has been killed in central Gaza. Earlier 6 other top Hamas commanders have also been killed. But this commander was the most notorious and bloodthirsty of them all. The death of its top commander has been confirmed by the military branch of Hamas itself. Two dangerous Hezbollah terrorists have also been killed in this attack.

Hamas military branch ‘ Qasam Brigade ’ said that one of its top commanders had been killed in an Israeli airstrike in the central Gaza Strip. This top commander of Hamas is named Ayman Nofel. It is the most notorious extremist of Hamas yet killed in the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip. It was also identified as Abu Mohammed. Abu Mohammed aka Nofel was killed in Israeli attacks on Tuesday. The Israeli army targeted the Burji camp in the central Gaza Strip. The same attack ended Nofel’s game.

6 commanders were killed earlier

Many more large Hamas commanders have been killed in Israeli Airstrikes before. Muetaz Eid was also killed the day before. Muetaz Eid played a large role in the October 7 attack. The Israeli intelligence agency was behind it from the same day. Based on accurate intelligence, the Israeli Airforce has airstrikes in the southern district of Gaza to Muetaz. Hamas military base in Israel’s Airstrike is completely devastated, with a video also released. Many top Hamas commanders have been killed so far, including Bilal Al Kedra, Ali Kadi, and Murad Abu Murad. In the last 24 hours, the Israeli Aifors have destroyed about 250 targets of Hamas

Image Source: Getty Israel army


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