International Court of Justice has issued arrest warrant on Russian President, meanwhile on visit to this country going to Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin has embarked on a foreign trip after Arse. An arrest warrant has been issued by the International Court of Justice on them. For this reason, they do not go out of Russia. He was also unable to attend conferences held in South Africa, India and many other countries. Know which country they are visiting.

Putin Foreign Visit: The war between Russia and Ukraine is not over. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going on a foreign trip. The international court has issued an arrest warrant for them. Despite this, they are going abroad on a rare journey. He went to another country after a long time as part of his journey. Know what is the whole matter?

President Vladimir Putin arrived in Kyrgyzstan on Thursday on a rare foreign trip. He was indicted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Ukraine earlier this year. Putin in Kyrgyzstan will meet his counterpart, President Sadir Jhaparov, on Thursday. He will attend the Commonwealth Summit of Independent Countries on Friday, which Kyrgyzstan is hosting.

Which country is attending the conference?

The summit will also include leaders from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinian will not attend, as Yerevan’s relationship with Moscow has deteriorated amid mutual accusations This year is the first time that the Russian President has travelled outside the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia and Russia.

Putin visited here at the beginning of the year

Earlier this year, Putin visited the partially occupied Ukrainian territories of Donetsk, Luhansk and Kherson, as well as the enclosed Crimea peninsula. In March, the International Crime Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin when he took children from Ukraine. Countries that have signed and ratified the Rome Treaty that brought the ICC into existence, now, The Russian leader is obliged to arrest him when he steps on his earth.

Why did Putin not go to South Africa?

This is the reason why Putin could not attend an economic summit in South Africa in August. Earlier this month Armenia ratified the Rome Treaty, which was followed by further tension in Moscow’s relations with Armenia. Armenian authorities, however, tried to reassure the Kremlin that the Russian leader would not be arrested upon entering the country. The Kremlin has stated that Russia does not consider the ICC’s jurisdiction and considers the warrant invalid. Kyrgyzstan has not signed the Rome Treaty.

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