Meeting of NATO Defense Ministers, Jelensky’s appeal for war from Russia


Ukraine’s President Jelensky seeks further help from the organization of NATO countries. Jelensky also attended a meeting of defence ministers from more than 50 countries around the world, including NATO countries.

Russia-Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. This battle has been a long time. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Jelensky has appealed to the defence ministers of NATO countries to help Ukraine together to fight Russia. Ukraine’s President Volodimir Jelensky first attended a meeting of defence ministers from more than 50 countries around the world on Wednesday for personal advocacy of more military aid. Jelensky amid a lack of political support for Ukraine in the US and renewed pressure to send weapons to allies to strengthen Israel in the war with Hamas Attended the meeting. His presence underscored growing concerns towards the rift in international support for Kyiv in the war against the Russian invasion.

Jelensky said this in the meeting

Jelensky said in the meeting, ‘Next Monday will be the 600th day of our resistance against the Russian invasion. And today no one can say for sure how long we have to protect our freedom and our identity. ’ He said at the beginning of the meeting, ‘We can already say many things which are important in my eyes. The first thing that Putin will not be able to achieve is Ukraine. Secondly, Russia cannot bear the new arms race and thirdly, democracy can win this war.

This will have to be done before bad weather comes, said Jelensky

The US-held Ukraine Defense Liaison Group ’ is meeting when Ukraine to help its troops gain land from the Russian military before inclement weather Seeking more weapons. However political arrogance in the US Parliament ( Congress ) halted the approval of new funding for Ukraine. In addition, there is increasing opposition among some US lawmakers to any increase in spending.

What is Ukraine needed, Jelensky told

Jelensky, at the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ), took cognizance of the Israeli war, stating that the Ukrainians understood such a tragedy, But he explained Ukraine’s current needs associated with the air defence system and long-range missile to force Russia out of Ukraine. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin told reporters travelling to Brussels with him that support for Ukraine continued. He said that many allied countries would announce that they were sending additional weapons and other aid to Kyiv.

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