‘Just now is the beginning, all over the world…’, know what is the threatening claim of the Hamas commander?


Israel is constantly attacking Hamas. Meanwhile, Hamas commander Mahmood Al Zahra has released the video. In this, he claims to increase his influence over the whole world.

Israel-Hamas Conflict: The war between Israel and Hamas continues. The terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel vigorously on 7 October. In response, Israel has also retaliated. Israel has conducted an air strike on the Gaza Strip, a stronghold of the terrorist organization Hamas. During this time many buildings have been converted into ruins. Earlier, Hamas launched the largest attack on Israel in 50 years of history. Meanwhile, the Hamas commander has made a big claim, which is shocking. Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Zahra has released a video of his threatening claims.

Hamas commander Mahmood Al Zahra claims his videos increase his influence over the entire world. His warning comes at a time when Hamas has taken hundreds of Israeli civilians hostage after rocket attacks on Israel.
The Hamas commander said in the video, ‘Israel is only the first target. The whole world will be inside our law. The entire world of 510 million square kilometres will come under a system where there will be no injustice, no oppression nor any crime, as in all Arab countries, Being done with Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria.

The Israeli PM said this to Hamas on war

Significantly, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has given a strong warning to Hamas. He said that Israel would continue to attack until one person was killed by Hamas. PM Netanyahu warned the terrorist organization Hamas that the deaths of all Hamas members are now certain. Netanyahu was making a personal statement after the Hamas attack at this press conference. Netanyahu declared, ‘The Jewish nation (Israel) is one and now it will also be led in solidarity.’ The Israeli PM announced, ‘We have become aggressive. The death of every Hamas member is certain.’ Netanyahu said that in this hour of trouble, the whole of Israel stands with its soldiers। Now Israel will win this war.

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