Israeli Defense Minister’s warning- “This is 1943 not 2023, we are the same Jews but with different strengths”


Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip continues. Israel is getting the support of many big countries of the world including America, Britain, France, and India. At such times, the Israeli Defense Minister has issued a major warning to enemies.

Israel, which has suffered mass genocide by Hamas terrorists, is no longer in the mood to give him any relief. Israeli fighter jets have turned Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip into rubble. Now amid the ongoing war with Hamas, the Israeli Defense Minister continues to warn big for enemies. Israeli Defense Minister Yov Gallant has said that it is 2023 and we are not 1943 Jews. Let us know his complete statement.

Our capabilities are different

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has said that Hamas’ terrorist attack has hit Israel hard. Yet enemy countries make no mistake. He referenced Hitler’s oppression during World War II, saying that these are 2023 and not 1943. He said that we are the same Jews but our strengths and abilities are different. The country of Israel is strong and we are united and powerful.

Will hunt every culprit

The Israeli Defense Minister said that the Israeli Defense Forces would destroy Hamas and hunt every last person who bleeds their citizens, and children. He said that Hamas is the ISIS of Gaza and will not be allowed to exist on Israeli borders. He praised the global display of support for Israel after the Hamas attack on Israel.

How much loss so far

The death toll in Israel has gone beyond 1300, with the passing of the ongoing war with Hamas. At the same time, around 3300 people are being reported injured. At the same time, nothing has been discovered about the 150 people who were abducted by Hamas to Gaza. At the same time, about 1300 people have died in the Israeli attacks towards the Gaza Strip. Israel’s energy minister has said that electricity and fuel will not be supplied to Gaza until Hamas returns the hostages.

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