Chris Gayle shows jersey number 45 when Rohit Sharma becomes Sixer King, The hitman reported his favourite points


Rohit Sharma Chris Gayle: Rohit Sharma has broken Chris Gayle’s record of scoring the most sixes in international cricket. After this, the two are getting to see tremendous yarana on social media.

Rohit Sharma Chris Gayle: Rohit Sharma, known as the captain of Team India and a hitman all over the world, has now become the new Sixer King. By the way, he had already achieved this title, but now he has become the king of six in the eyes of the Kirtimans. In the ICC World Cup 2023, Rohit Sharma destroyed Chris Gayle, one of the West Indies batters, in a bout played against Afghanistan. Chris Gayle is also happy with the breakdown of his own record. He has shared a picture of himself and Rohit Sharma on social media at night. Rohit Sharma has also reacted to this after this. Also mentioned is his own and Chris Gayle’s favourite number.

Rohit Sharma has broken Chris Gayle’s record

The record for putting the highest six in international cricket was by far named Chris Gayle. We are talking about ODI, Test and T20 International here. Chris Gayle had 553 sixes in 551 innings of 483 matches from 1999 to 2021. Rohit Sharma was second till now, but now he has overtaken Gayle. Rohit Sharma has been playing since 2007. He has completed 556 sixes in 473 innings of 453 matches. That is, in terms of matches and innings, Rohit Sharma may be behind Chris Gayle, but has overtaken Six. Meanwhile, after the India vs Afghanistan match was over, Chris Gayle posted a post on social media platform X, Which has a photo from behind Chris Gayle and Rohit Sharma and 45 written on both jerseys.

Rohit Sharma said his favourite number 6

Rohit Sharma has already worn the number 45 jersey, but Chris Gayle has often been changing his jersey number. He has also worn the number 45 jersey for some time in between. Chris Gayle wrote congratulations to Rohit Sharma. Most Six in International Cricket. 45 Number Special. Rohit Sharma then gave his reaction to it, writing thanks to Chris Gayle. Numbers 4 and 5 are written on the back, but our favourite number is 6. Rohit Sharma by six means six. Because now these are the two players, who are at number one and two in terms of putting the highest six in international cricket. The interesting thing is that this record of Rohit Sharma will not be broken soon. After this, there are many batsmen who no longer play cricket. Shahid Afridi has 476 sixes. Brendan McCullum has 398 sixes,Both these players have retired. This is followed by Martin Gaptil of New Zealand. Who has planted 383 sixes? That is, they are far behind Rohit Sharma. In such a situation, we have to see how many years this record of Rohit Sharma breaks.

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