Rotting patient’s hand due to cut fingers, but not found treatment, this is the condition of Punjab hospital


Patients are not receiving treatment in Punjab Hospital. This is the proof. A video came to us showing a man with his hand cut and rotten fingers saying that he had been hospitalized for two days but His fingers are not being removed.

Almost everyone knows the condition of government hospitals in the country. If someone dies due to lack of treatment on time, then no one can get an ambulance service after death. The therapeutic system collapsed during covid 19 due to negligence towards government hospitals. At the same time, it happens that some mistakes were made during treatment with the doctors which led to the death of the patient and then the family of the deceased started the ruckus. A similar case occurred in Punjab where a patient was negligent in a government hospital.

Careless doctor of a government hospital

The Aam Adami party has a government in Punjab. The Chief Minister of this province is Bhagwant Maan who claims that Punjab is for everyone and basic facilities will be given to all in Punjab. But due to Uttarakhand, a patient is being treated step-by-step, If you know and you see the video released by the patient, then your spirit will tremble. In fact, a person was recently admitted by the Railway Police at Pathankot Government Hospital. The young man was injured due to falling from the train and was admitted to Pathankot District Government Hospital.

The patient gave this statement

The patient says that he is from Uttarakhand so no one is with him. He is admitted to the emergency and his fingers are cut off. Some fingers are rotting and separated from the hand but swinging from one part of the palm. Its video is very different. On one side where Punjab Government Mohalla Clinic is being opened. On the other hand, due to treatment, a person is getting deodorant. The injured patient says that he has started smelling from now on. He has been hospitalized for the last two days but is not being treated. At the same time, the doctors of the hospital are crying out for SMO.

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