Malfunction or conspiracy? This was revealed in the initial investigation of the North East Express train accident.


Initial investigation reports have come up about the train accident near Raghunathpur station in Bihar and any malfunction in the tracks has been reported as responsible for the accident.

New Delhi: Initial investigations into the derailment of the Delhi-Kamatham North East Express in Bihar have revealed shocking things Sources on Thursday cited preliminary investigation reports that the track was a malfunction due to the North East Express crash. Please say that 4 people died and many were injured in this horrific train accident on Wednesday night. The report signed by 6 railway officials, including the driver of the crashed train, states, ‘ It appears that the accident was caused by a track malfunction.

The train passed at a speed of 128 km / h

According to the initial investigation report, Accident The loss is estimated to be more than Rs 52 crore. According to the report, the ‘ Breath Analyzer ’ test of the loco pilot and his assistant was also performed. The loco pilot (driver) was partially injured in the Wednesday night accident and his assistant suffered serious injuries. The report also includes a statement from the loco pilot, stating that the train passed through Raghunathpur station at a speed of 128 mph, But soon after crossing the station, he suffered a fairly sharp blow from behind.

‘ Train derailed at 9:52 pm ’

The report quoted the loco pilot as saying that due to too much vibration and severe shock, the pressure of the brake pipe suddenly decreased and the train night 9:Derailed at 52 o’clock. It quoted a gateman and a pointsman from Raghunathpur station as saying that they saw the spark coming out of the wheels of the train. The report described the ‘ Breath Analyzer ’ test negative of the loco pilot and his helper. At least 4 people were killed and several were injured when the 12506 North East Express derailed near Raghunathpur in Buxar district, Bihar on Wednesday night.

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