Do you also work in night shift? This disturbing thing was revealed in new research


Research has revealed that people who work night shifts have their eating habits, Due to which they sometimes face increasing weight.

 New Delhi: If you also work in night shift then new research can also blow your day’s sleep. Researchers have said in a study how working in night shifts worsens hunger, and eating habits, which sometimes leads to weight gain. The research team led by Bristol University in the UK found that working night shifts disrupts the body’s ‘ Biological Clock ’. Research showed that it also affects the hormone that controls hunger.

Many big things revealed in research

The research team focused on the adrenal gland located near the liver, which produces hormones that control many physiological functions, including metabolism and appetite, Those are called ‘ glucocorticoid hormones ’. In a study published in the Research Journal ‘ of Communications Biology ’, researchers said that not creating synergies between light and dark affects hunger due to disturbances in the functioning of these hormones. This increases the desire to eat significantly more during the day being inactive.

‘ Can help millions of people ’

Researchers said their findings show how disruption of the body’s internal clock can profoundly change food habits in the context of metabolic health damage. He said that this study can help millions of people who work overnight and are affected by the problem of weight gain. Glucocorticoid hormones in the adrenal glands directly control a group of brain peptides that control appetite behaviour with some increased appetite (orexigenic) and some reduced appetite.

‘ Such people must exercise ’

The team found in the study where control mice ate about 90 per cent of their daily intake during their active phase and only 11 per cent during the inactive phase, Tired mice ate about 54 per cent of their daily calories during their dormant phase. Becky Conway-Campbell, Senior Writer of Research Fellow and Research at Bristol, said ‘ people who have long been Night shift Working, we will ask them to enjoy daylight, do cardiac exercises and try to maintain meal time at regular times.

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