Navratri 2023: Eat 9 days of Navratri These 9 things will remain with the fast. Taste of mouth


Navratri recipes: Satvik food is made in many houses for 9 days at Navratri and onion-garlic food is avoided. In such a situation, it is difficult to do nine days, what to make and what to eat. Because eating the same thing again and again can fill your mind. Also have to think about breakfast, snacks and day and dinner. In such a situation, is it a big target? So, today we will know what you can eat (Navratri 9 days healthy sattvic food ideas) on the nine days of Navratri.

What to eat 9 days at Navratri – Navratri Vrat Recipes for 9 days

1. Day one – kuttu’s dumplings

Satvik food has to be eaten at Navratri and grains are avoided. In such a situation, you can eat the dumplings of the hut. To make it, you have to mash the potatoes in the poultry flour. Cut green, coriander and chilli into it. Add a little rock salt and enjoy it.

 2. Second day-spice potatoes and kuttu Pudi

Kasuri potatoes and puri are very tasty. It is also very easy to make. So, boil the potatoes and then fry them in a frying pan by adding a little mustard oil cumin, green chilli and tight fen. Add green coriander. Now make a pot of kuttu flour. Eat both together.

3. Third day-lookie pudding

Gourd pudding can be a great sweet choice for you. To make it, rub the gourd and fry it in the ghee. Then add a little sugar and milk to it. Cook well and eat dry fruits.

 4. Fourth day-kutu pudding

On the fourth day, you can eat pudding. It is very tasty. You have to fry the kuttu flour in the ghee and then cook it well in milk. Mix dry fruits on top and eat it.

5. Fifth day – Rajgira kheer and Roti

Rajagira’s kheer and roti can be the perfect meal for fasting. So, all you have to do is take Rajagira cook it in milk and make it cucumber. Then garnish with dry fruits in this pudding and eat it with bread.

6. Sixty-sixteen

Singha curry is very tasty. All you have to do is use Singhade flour instead of using Besan in regular curry. In this, you can just add a temper of rye.

7. Santve day-eating vegetables and puri

Makha vegetables and Pudi can be two times food for you. To make this vegetable, you can make yoghurt and peanut gravy and then cook it by adding makhana. Also, add spice and rock salt as per yourself. Then eat this vegetable with Pudi.

8. Sixty-day rice casserole

The rice casserole of Sama is very tasty. You can make it by mixing it with ghee, cumin and cashew. Apart from this, you can eat it comfortably with many types of vegetables.

9. Ninth day-sama potato dosa

Sama potato dosa is very tasty. In this, you have to grind and use sama rice for the batter of the dosa. After this, you can prepare the dosa by filling the potatoes in it and eating it anytime. So, on the nine days of Navratri, you can make these things part of your meal.

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