Hamas attack kills 1008 Israeli civilians, 830 Gaza killed in counter-attack


The war between Israel and Hamas has continued for five days. While 1008 Israeli civilians were killed by Hamas attack in this war, more than 800 Gaza people have died in Israel’s counterattack. Overall, the excesses have died since 1900.

Israel has started attacks on Hamas as well as Hezbollah targets on the Lebanese border. According to the Israeli Air Force, about a dozen fighter jets have targeted 70 Hamas targets in Gaza. These bases are in the Durj Tapa area. This is where Hamas has the highest number of centres and the attack against Israel is planned from here. At the same time, more than one thousand people of Israel have died in this war which has been released for five days, then 830 Hamas people are also being claimed dead.

3400 of Israel, more than 4500 people injured in Gaza

Information has been received that the building being used by Islamic Jihadi terrorists has also been demolished by the Airforce. At the same time, the Israeli media is being quoted as saying that the Israeli army can start a big operation in Gaza anytime. More than one lakh soldiers have already sealed the Gaza border. More than 3400 people in Israel have been injured, then the number of injured in the Gaza Strip has reached 4500. In addition, 19 terrorists have been killed in the West Bank while 110 people have been injured. There are also reports of Hezbollah terrorists being killed on the Lebanese border. Overall, Jean has died since 1900.

 America ready to army Israel

At the same time, America has now come down with its army in support of Israel. Yesterday, Israel’s PM Benjamin and Joe Byden held talks for the third time, after which the White House announced that the US Secretary of State will visit Israel tomorrow. Antony Blinken Israel will go and take stock of the situation and talk to the senior officers there. It is believed that the US can declare military support to Israel at any time if needed.

 America sent its second war fleet to Israel

The US has also sent its second war fleet to help Israel. The US has taken this step after the Hamas attack. Along with this, a plane with a weapon has landed in Israel. It is also the news that the US has alerted its army to all the European countries around Israel so that the movement can be ordered if needed.

Hezbollah, a terrorist organization in support of Hamas

Here, Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist organization, has come down in support of Hamas and has fired 15 rockets at Israel again. Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist organization, has openly threatened the US and said that the US should not make the mistake of considering Palestine as Ukraine. Lebanon has said that if the US directly interfered in the war, it would attack American bases in the Middle East.

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