Mia Khalifa tweeted in favor of Palestine, users put class on Twitter


The fierce war between Israel and Hamas continues. Hundreds of people have died due to this war. Israel and Gaza have piles of corpses. Meanwhile, some people are speaking in favour of Israel and some are in favour of Palestine.

Israel: The world was still facing the catastrophe of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. At the same time, war erupted between Israel and Palestine. On the morning of Saturday 07 October, Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization, attacked Israel. More than 500 people on both sides died in this attack. Thousands of people were injured. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that the city Hamas is attacking from Gaza will merge that city into the soil. Many people are criticizing this barbaric attack of Hamas, but some also stand in favour of Palestine. One of these is Mia Khalifa, who wrote on social media in favour of Palestine.

He wrote on social media platform X, “If you can see the situation in Palestine and not in favour of the Palestinians, So you are supporting the wrong side and history will show you when the time comes.” After this tweet, many people started criticizing him. One user wrote that you probably did not see the vandalism committed by Hamas before tweeting it. You are probably standing on the wrong side and history will show you the mirror. At the same time, some users wrote that Mia had received money for this tweet.

Netanyahu said, ‘ will charge such a price…’

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that ‘ we are at war. ’ Netanyahu also claimed that Hamas would pay the price of this attack ‘ as it would not have thought. ’ In a meeting of top security officials later on Saturday, Netanyahu said that the first priority was to evacuate the area from enemy intruders, then ‘recover a heavy price from the enemy‘ And other areas have to be strengthened so that no other terrorist group can think of hitting Israel. Explain that the attack in Israel occurred on the day of Simchat Torah, a happy day when Jews ‘ Torah scroll ’ completes the annual cycle of reading.

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