Indian Air Force Day: Today will be the first time the power of women will lead the parade, Group Captain Shalija Dhami


The Indian Air Force is celebrating its 91st Establishment Day and today the army will show its strength in Prayagraj. On this occasion for the first time, the woman will also see the threat of power when the parade is commanded by the group captain Shaliza Dhami.

Indian Air Force Day: The Indian Air Force is celebrating its 91st anniversary today. On this day, for the first time, the threat of female power will be seen when the Indian Air Force Day Parade in Prayagraj takes over the women’s officer, Group Captain Shaliza Dhami. On this occasion, officials said that on the occasion of the 91st anniversary of the service on Sunday, the group Captain Shaliza, command of the Indian Air Force Day Parade at Bamrauli, Air Force Station in Prayagraj Will handled the ground. Let us know that Dhami was also the first woman to command the frontline IAF combat unit in Marc. She heads a missile squadron in the western region. Joined the Indian Air Force in 2003, Dhami is a qualified flight trainer and has flown over 2,800 hours.

The threat of female power is seen in the army when the arms forces are opening more boundaries for women and giving them equal opportunities to their male counterparts. IAF spokesman Wing Commander Ashish Moghe said on Sunday, “ For the first time, the parade will consist entirely of women including the new Agnivir, Who will march shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. The parade also includes a flight to Garuda Commando for the first time.

Woman power-looking bully

Let us know that now women in uniform are no longer marginalized in the country, but are being assigned central roles like their male counterparts. They are flying fighter jets, serving on warships, and joining personnel below officer rank ( PBOR ) cadre, She is eligible for a permanent commission and is also training at the National Defense Academy.

Indian Air Force and Navy to promote gender equality within their ranks, women officers to join their Special Forces units – Garuda Commando Force and Marine Commando respectively Permitted, provided they meet the criteria for selection.

IAF chief will hoist new flag

IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary will unveil the new Air Force flag at Prayagraj. The IAF Shikha will now be painted in the upper right corner of the Ensigna, which currently displays the national flag in the upper left canton and the IAF tricolour spherical on the right. The current flag was adopted more than seven decades ago, replacing the Royal Indian Air Force flag, which included the Union Jack and RIAF Roundell ( Lal, White and blue included )

At the top of the crest of the Indian Air Force is Ashoka Singh, with a Himalayan eagle with wings spread. There is a light blue circle around the eagle on which the Indian Air Force is written in Hindi. The motto of the Indian Air Force, Nabh Tantam Diaptam ( Touch the sky with Mahima ), is inscribed under the eagle in the golden Devanagari. This comes a year after Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the flag of the Indian Navy at the commissioning ceremony of the aircraft carrier Vikrant, In which the flag was dropped, taking inspiration from the seal of the Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the cross of St. George.

The MiG-21 fighter aircraft of the IAF will take part in the IAF Day flypast above the confluence in Prayagraj for the last time this year. The flypast will include approximately 110 aircraft, including the latest C-295 transport aircraft from the IAF. Aerial performances will include Rafael, Sukhoi-30s, Mirage-2000s, MiG-29s, Jaguars, LCA Tejas, C-17s, C-130Js, IL-76s, AN-32s, Chinooks, Apaches and Hawks.

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