Madhya Pradesh’s Sargon seat is the key to power! The party that wins, the government becomes its


Since 1972, the record remains that the party that waved Parcham on the Khargon seat of Madhya Pradesh, the same party has gained power in the province.

New Delhi: After independence, a total of 15 assembly elections have been held in Madhya Pradesh so far and 14 times the state has formed the government of the same party, which occupied the Khargon assembly seat. In all the 12 elections held from 1972 to 2018, this series has continued to deteriorate. It will be interesting to see if this sequence continues even in this time’s assembly election. Votes will be cast under the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly election on 17 November, while the counting of votes will be done on 3 December.

Special record is also associated with these 3 seats

Apart from Khargon, there are 3 assembly seats in the state where the last 9 Assembly In the elections, the people of the region elected, and the government of the same party was formed in the state. These include the Napanagar seat of the Burhanpur district, the residence seat of the Mandla district and the Sendhwa seat of the Barwani district. In all the elections held since 1977 till now, the results of Khargon, as well as Napanagar, Niwas and Sendhwa seats, went in favour of the candidate of the same party who gained power. There was only one occasion in the history of the Khargon assembly election so far, when the party whose candidate won, did not become his government in the state

MP came to the face of the province in 1956

This seat came into existence in the first assembly election held in 1951. Madhya Pradesh was part of Central India in those days. Madhya Pradesh came into existence as a state in 1956 as a result of the reorganization of the states. Congressional candidates won by Khargon in the first and second assembly elections and the government in the state also became Congress. Ravi Shankar was the Chief Minister of Shukla Pradesh in those days. The assembly election of the year 1962 was the same when the people of Khargon of Nimad zone did not vote according to the political mood of the state voters.

Candidate of Jana Sangh won in 1962

In the 1962 assembly election, the people of Khargon sent the assembly, electing the candidate of the Jana Sangh, Bhalachandra Bagdare, but the Congress government was formed in the state and Bhagwant Rao Mandloi held the post of Chief Minister. Even before that, he had been the Chief Minister of the province for 31 days. Mandloi was made acting Chief Minister after the death of Ravi Shankar Shukla, the first Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. In the assembly elections of 1967 and 1972, this assembly seat (Khargon) of Khargon district, famous for cotton cultivation, was occupied by the Congress and the Congress became the government of the state.

Seat of power since 1972

In all the assembly elections held after 1972, the process remained that the party whose candidate won by Khargon, the government of the same party came to power in the state. Congress lost badly in Madhya Pradesh in the 1977 assembly election after the emergency. Janata Party government was formed in the state and Kailash Chandra Joshi held the post of Chief Minister in the first non-Congress government of the region. In this election, Nawneet Mahajan, the candidate of the Janata Party from Khargon, defeated Chandrakanth Khode of Congress by 5,822 votes.

Record maintained in 1980, 1985 and 1990 as well

In the election held after the dissolution of the assembly in 1980, Congress once again returned to Madhya Pradesh’s power and Arjun Singh became the Chief Minister. Congress also won in Khargon and its candidates reached the Chandrakanth Khode Legislative Assembly. In the 1985 election, the people of Khargon elected the Congress and the Congress also formed the government in the state. At the same time, after the 1990 election, the Congress bid farewell to power and the BJP government was formed under the leadership of Sundar Lal Patwa. In this election, the people of Khargon remained with the ruling party. Rai Singh Rathore of BJP defeated Chandrakanth Khode of Congress by 25,000 votes.

Digvijay became CM for the first time in 1993

Congress won the assembly election held in 1993 and Digvijay Singh became the Chief Minister for the first time. The Congress also won the 1998 assembly election under his leadership. In both these elections, Congress candidate Parsaram Babulal Dandir was elected MLA in Khargon. In 2003, Seedpi returned to power and became the Chief Minister of the Firebrand leader in Uma Bharti State. In the 2008 and 2013 elections, the BJP also waved Parcham. In these elections, the people of Khargon won the candidates of BJP. BJP’s Babulal Mahajan from here in 2003 while Balakrishna Patidar won in 2008 and 2013.

 Khargon’s public made an impression even in 2018

In the last assembly elections held in 2018, Congress ended 15 years of BJP rule and returned to state power again. As if the people of Khargon had sensed the political mood of the region this time. He rejected the BJP candidate. Ravi Joshi of the Congress knocked out Balakrishna Patidar of the BJP. After the victory in this election, the leadership of the Congress government came into the hands of Kamalnath. However, his government could not complete a five-year term. Kamalnath’s government collapsed after the rebellion of Jyotiraditya Scindia and the BJP then returned to power. Shivraj Singh Chauhan became the Chief Minister of the state for the fourth time.

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