These KKK 13 contestants have created social media before Tahalka, Grand Finale


Rohit Shetty’s popular stunt-based reality show ‘Hazard Players 13’ today is the finale. Today, a number of speculations are being made on social media about the winner of ‘Danger 13. The show is about to host Famous filmmaker Rohit Shetty. ‘Hazard Players 13’ include Rashmit Kaur, Dino James, Aishwarya Sharma, Archana Gautam, Nirra M Banerjee, Soundas Moufkir, Shiva Thackeray, Arijit Taneja, Anjali Anand, Rohit Bose Roy, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Anjum started with Fakih, Daisy Shah and Shijan Khan and now in the top 5 Rashmit Kaur, Dino James, Aishwarya Sharma, There is going to be a fight between Shiva Thackeray and Arijit Taneja.

Highlights of Khatron ke Khiladi Player 13

Before the Grand Finale, the show has got a lot of news and bang, which has been discussed not only among the audience but also on social media. At the same time, in ‘Hazard Players 13’, this time you have seen very creepy and new stunts. Some contestants have also been in a lot of discussion on social media due to their antics in the show. Rohit Shetty on the show, like every time, this time also played a dangerous prank on contestants. See ‘Hazard Players 13’ highlights here…

This dangerous stunt created a stir

Like every time, this time, ‘Hazard Players 13’ has been seen in water, fire and air-related tasks and stunt shows, But this time there were some stunts where Animals had to complete the task together. This time in the first new stunt on the show, we saw the top 5 contestants in the air hanging in the air and doing stunts.

The top 5 not bumped into these two players

Rohit Shetty’s popular show ‘Hazard Players 13’ remains in the limelight these days with the Grand Finale and Winner। ‘Dino James and Aishwarya Sharma are going to see a tremendous bump for the trophy at the Grand Finale of ‘Danger 13. After the top 5 finalists of the show, the name of the top 2 finalists has also appeared.

Challengers’ fire

‘This time another new thing was seen in ‘Hazard Player 13. This time the show had an entry as the Challengers of Old Contestants. Rohit Shetty’s show Hazard Players 13’ After Abdu Rojik’s wild card entry, TV’s cultured multi Hina Khan and Divyanka Tripathi have seen social media sensation and actor Mr Faizu’s Dhansu entry.

Woman’s fear among contestants

The stunt-based reality show ‘Hazard Players 13’ has been the subject of discussion on women, apart from the most stunts on social media. To scare the contestants, no one else as a woman but the cult daughter-in-law of TV, Divyanka Tripathi, entered and scares everyone into becoming a woman.

Neil Bhatt clashes with Rohit Shetty

Now the debate has also been seen in this show, which has blown everyone’s senses. ‘The finale of ‘Danger Player 13’ had already created an orgy in the show. Neil Bhatt, husband of Aishwarya Sharma, a well-known actress in the TV industry, was seen drifting from Rohit Shetty, But after the entire episode came, people came to know that it was a joke.

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