Pakistan police, soldiers and officers beat Afghans in Karachi ran and hit them with poles


Pakistan police Afghans were beaten fiercely in Karachi. Pakistan’s team reached out to Afghans living in Karachi to investigate the smuggling case. Afghans trade carpets and clothes here. The Afghans ran and beat the police a lot.

Pakistan police in Karachi were beaten up by Afghans. The Afghans ran to the Pakistani police and other officers and beat them with sticks. The case is related to allegations of trafficking. In fact, police had reached the city of Karachi in Pakistan to investigate the smuggling. A mob of Afghans living in Karachi attacked the customs department team that arrived to seize the smuggled goods. In a video of the incident, dozens of Afghans can be seen running behind customs officers and police and Rangers vehicles on Tariq Road, Who were trying to raid at night on Monday.

Tariq Road is one of the busiest commercial centres in Karachi and there are many clothing shops in shopping malls and markets, which are usually Afghan owners. These Afghans have settled in the city after fleeing their country. A customs department source confirmed the incident and said that after receiving this intelligence, a team from the department had reached Tariq Road with police and rangers. He said that there was information that Afghan shop owners were selling smuggled clothes worth millions of rupees.

Afghani does curtain and carpet business in Karachi

Many Afghan refugees in Pakistan have owned businesses in Karachi and other parts of the country and most of them trade in clothes, carpets, curtains and carpets. Almost all the major commercial centres and malls in Karachi have their shops or they have rented shops. A police official said the raid had nothing to do with the government’s announcement that Afghans living illegally in Pakistan would have to return home by November 1 Or would be forcibly sent back to Afghanistan after the deadline expires.

On condition of not making the name public, the SSP rank official said, “ It is a case of smuggling between Pakistan and Afghanistan and smuggling goods are sold openly in large markets in Karachi and other cities.

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