Russia’s second major attack on Ukraine in 24 hours, 10-year-old child killed by missile hit


Russia has again launched a tremendous missile attack in eastern Ukraine. A 10-year-old child has died in it. More than two dozen people have been injured. This is Russia’s second major and deadly attack on Ukraine during the last 24 hours. A day earlier, Russia carried out a drone attack in the same area, killing 51 people.

In the last 24 hours, Russia has launched a second major missile attack on Ukraine. The attack was carried out on Friday in Kharkiv, Ukraine. A 10-year-old child was killed and two dozen people were injured in this Russian missile attack. The number of injured is being reported as serious. Ukraine officials gave this information. A day before this, Russia launched a large drone attack in this region. At least 51 civilians were killed in this attack. For the second consecutive day, the Russian attack has caused panic all over the region.

Authorities said the attack was one of the deadliest attacks in the months of the war. Associated Press reporters saw emergency parties ejecting the child’s body from the rubble of the building following the attack on Friday morning. The child was wearing a Spider-Man-designed pyjama. According to officials, the explosion, which took place a few meters away from a building, caused a large pit on the road. He said that debris was scattered on the road. The surrounding buildings were blackened due to the explosion and the glass of their windows was also broken and shattered.

Many carts and buildings were damaged by the attack

Authorities said the carriages on the streets were damaged due to the explosion. Yevhen Shevchenko, a man living in a nearby nine-story building, reported that he was lying in bed when attacked. He pointed out that the explosion was very powerful, causing the windows and doors of the building to break. The prosecution office of the Kharkiv region reported that the child died and 23 people were injured as a result of the attack. According to Ukraine officials, at least 51 people were killed in a Russian rocket attack in Hroja a day earlier. In this attack, this village in eastern Ukraine turned into rubble.

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