300 years ago, the treasure of billions on a ship submerged in the sea, has not yet come out, now this work will be done


A treasure worth billions of dollars exists on a 300-year-old ship. The ship sank 300 years ago, which has yet to be ejected. Know where this unique ship is and what will be done now.

Columbia News: A Colombian ship has been discovered from the depths of the sea. Columbia’s military shared photos of it a few days ago. The ship is 300 years old and has a treasure worth billions. However, due to greater depth, it has not yet been removed. The ship was carrying the property of the Arabs with it but was drowned in the depths of the sea.

A treasure worth $ 17 billion is onboard

It was discovered in 2015 through four observation missions. Debris was detected at a depth of about 950 meters. This Spanish ship is San Jose, which sinks close to Colombia’s coastline. It had gold, silver, ceramic utensils, swords and cannons on it. Their estimated price is reported to be around $ 17 billion. It is one of the most expensive submerged ships ever built.

These missions were carried out by the Navy under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. It revealed that these human beings were away from interference. The laden cannons were half covered with sand. Along with this, tea-drinking utensils on the ships were also seen. Glass bottles and gold coins also appeared during this time. The broken part of the ship has also appeared during this time.

When this ship sank, there were 600 people aboard

British ships sunk it in 1708. It had 600 people on board. Most people were killed in these. This war took place to occupy the Spanish Empire. It had 64 cannons laden, some of which were of the Sun 1600. In June, the President of Colombia placed pictures of this ship in front of the world. The ship is the cause of a dispute between Colombia and Spain.

Columbia wants to make

This ship left for Spain. In 2015 it was the target of treasure hunters before being discovered. Colombia considers debris found in its watershed to be part of its cultural heritage. This means that the things found in it cannot be sold. Columbia says it will build a museum of things to be found. Due to its depth, these things are currently quite difficult to remove.

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