Chandra Grahan 2023: This day is going to take the last lunar eclipse of the year, these 3 zodiac signs will have an auspicious affect, know the condition of other zodiac signs.


Lunar Eclipse 2023: The Lunar eclipse has special significance in Hinduism. This eclipse is going to have a bad effect on many zodiac signs. So let Jyotishi Chirag know from Bejan Daruwala what will be the effect on your zodiac sign.

Chandra Grahan 2023: Eclipse has special significance in astrology and religious terms. Many things are taken care of during the eclipse. Let me tell you that a lunar eclipse is going to happen in October month. A lunar eclipse will occur on 28 October.. According to the Hindu calendar, the solar eclipse is always on the Amavasya date while the lunar eclipse is always on the full moon date. This time, the lunar eclipse will see both auspicious and inauspicious effects on all 12 zodiac sign. Let us know from Astrologer Chirag Daruwala what amount this eclipse is bringing auspicious and for what amount inauspicious results.


According to astrologers, the lunar eclipse of the year is inauspicious for the jatars of Aries. In such a situation, the Aries people need to be a little careful. Do not make any decision in haste on the day of lunar eclipse. This may cause harm in future.


According to astrologers, the eclipse will also have an inauspicious effect on the Taurus people. You may have to face many types of troubles due to enemies. Health can also deteriorate during this period.


According to the astrology calculation, lunar eclipse can prove to be quite beneficial for the jatars of Gemini. It will bring good luck.You will get great opportunities for financial gain. Good progress can be seen in career and business. Respect and progress will be found in the field. You can get a big position in this period। Suddenly there will be opportunities for money gain.


Even for the people of Cancer, the lunar eclipse is not considered auspicious.There is a need to be careful about health. People doing jobs may face some troubles.


There are signs of good effect of lunar eclipse for Leo zodiac. Jatak of this amount will get special benefit. You will get luck. Your responsibility may increase. employed people will get opportunities to progress. There are signs of good profits for those who do business. There are tricks in career. The economic situation will be strong.


The lunar eclipse will be of mixed results for people with Virgo. Paused money can be returned, but during this time you will also have to control unnecessary expenses.


The month of October may prove to be of particular benefit to the castes of Libra. Libra people are likely to get the benefit of lunar eclipse. Luck will support you and all your work will gain momentum. The stalled work will be completed soon. You can get a good deal in business. Also, many types of good news can be found.


With the effect of the lunar eclipse, employed people will get good promotion with the help of officers, but the enemies may also face trouble. So be a little careful.


Lunar eclipse can bring economic benefits to Sagittarius people. During this time you may get new income opportunities. employed people can get promotion. You will also be happy with the progress in your children’s behavior.


This period of lunar eclipse will be beneficial for the jataka of Capricorn in terms of job and business. After this, the problems at the workplace will end soon and you will also get benefits. Your honor will also increase during this period.


During the lunar eclipse, the people of Aquarius will get full support.Your relationship with your father and family will be cordial during this period. These relationships will prove beneficial for you. Your trend towards spirituality will increase. During this time if you are planning an investment then you can also get good return.


The lunar eclipse is going to be the eighth sense of Pisces. In such a situation, there will be many opportunities to improve the relationship with friends in this period. However, due to lunar eclipse you may have to face some problems in your love affair.

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