Google is bringing to the home page for web users, a useful feature, instant news updates will be found immediately


If you use a laptop or desktop, there is news of work for you. Tech Giant is going to bring a very useful feature to Google desktop users. The company will soon roll out the Discovery Feed feature for its users. Please tell us that this feature is already present in the smartphone.

Google Discover Feed Feature: If you use Google (Google), your experience is going to change soon. We are saying this because Tech Giant Google is going to bring a big update for desktop users soon. Actually, Google (Google Upcoming Feature) is currently working on the Discover Feed feature (Discover Feed) for the desktop homepage. The company is believed to roll out it to users soon. The company is currently working on it.

Let me tell you that Google’s homepage Discover feed feature already exists for smartphones but now the company is going to bring it to desktop soon. When you open the Google page on mobile, you get many updates including weather, stock market, and country-world news. This feature will also be found on the desktop in the coming few days.

Testing is going on in India

Google spokesman Lara Levine informed us of this feature, saying that the testing of the Discover feed is ongoing. The special thing is that its testing is going on in India and it will be Lai soon. The spokesperson said that after the introduction of this feature on the desktop, many people’s work will become easier. You will find the country on the home page of Google, the world’s biggest and most urgent world.

Let me tell you that Google first launched Discover Feed in 2018. The company then released it for mobile users. Google’s Discover Feed feature makes it easy to get the world’s news. This allows users to get the latest updates easily. Let me tell you that this feature of Discover Feed exists first in Microsoft Edge.

Sundar Pichai thanks PM Modi for a ‘terrific’ meeting on Google’s commitment to India Image Source: ANI


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