PM Modi’s meeting with Sundar Pichai, discussion on AI to Google’s future planning


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a virtual meeting with Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google. During this time, PM Modi inquired about Google’s future plans from Sundar Pichai and also encouraged Google to continue working on the AI tool for good governance Have also done.

PM Narendra Modi Google CEO Virtual talks: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday. This conversation between the two took place during a virtual meeting. PM Modi discussed in detail Google’s plans to expand the electronics manufacturing ecosystem in India during a meeting with Google’s CEO. During this time, PM Modi learned about Google’s future plans from Sundar Pichai.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also strongly appreciated Google’s partnership with HP to manufacture Chromebooks in India. Along with this, he also praised the efforts to support Indian languages in AI tools. The Prime Minister’s Office said that he also encouraged Tech Giant Google to continue working on the AI tool for good governance.

PM Modi invited

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also welcomed Google’s plan in which the company has decided to open a global fintech operations centre at International Finance Tech City in Gandhinagar. Let me tell you that India is going to organize the AI Summit in December 2023. PM Narendra Modi has invited Google CEO Sundar Pichai to attend this AI summit.

Pichai gave information about Google’s plans

On the other hand, Google CEO Sundar Pichai informed Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the upcoming plans of Google in India by taking advantage of the strength and reach of GPay and UPI. He gave information about the decision and future taken by Google to contribute to the development of India. Pichai described PM Modi’s US visit as historic during this virtual meeting.

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