If cholesterol has increased, eat this fruit, rich in potassium and healthy for the heart


Sitaphal in high cholesterol: This fruit has Vasodilator properties because it is helpful in keeping blood vessels healthy and preventing heart diseases. Know its other benefits for the heart.

Sugar apple in high cholesterol: The number of high cholesterol patients has increased today due to poor and unhealthy diets. Indeed, cholesterol increases when unhealthy fat and triglyceride particles in the body increase and adhesive to the arteries. In such a situation it causes blockage in the way of blood circulation and increases the risk of heart diseases. In such a situation it may be beneficial to include fruits in the diet that have vasodilator ( vasodilator) properties such as Cetaphil ( Custard Apple benefits). It can protect the heart from many diseases along with lowering high cholesterol. In detail about how to know

Advantages of Sugar Apple in High Cholesterol – Sugar apple for high cholesterol in Hindi

1. Vasodilators are rich in properties

Vasodilators are drugs that open blood vessels, also known as dilates. Vasodilators keep muscles healthy in the arteries and vein walls and protect them from cholesterol particles. They prevent heart diseases by tightening the muscles shrinking the walls and improving blood circulation. This reduces the risk of blockage.

2. Rich in sugar apple high fibre and niacin

Sugar apple contains fibre (high fibre) and niacin ( niacin ) which helps in reducing bad cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol in the body। In addition, it prevents them from sticking to the arteries and reduces the risk of heart diseases. In addition, it increases the metabolic rate and accelerates the speed of digesting fat so that they do not accumulate in the body and cause diseases.

3. Rich in potassium and magician

Potassium and magnesium are found in sitaphal in abundance. Magnesium relaxes the smooth muscles of the heart, preventing stroke and heart attack. Potassium opens the blood vessels and prevents the risk of blockage by correcting the blood circulation. So, for all these reasons you should consume this flour. At least heart patients should eat it daily.

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Custard Apple benefits

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