In response to Hamas’s 5000 rockets, Israel rained 6000 bombs on Gaza, Palestine’s nickel


Hamas will be so heavily attacked by Israel, that it may not have been imagined by Hamas terrorists either. Bombs are raining on the Gaza Strip continuously from the Israeli Air Force’s rumbling fighter planes. According to Israel’s claim, in 6 days it has rained 6000 bombs on Gaza.

The war has taken a frightening form after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel with 5,000 rockets simultaneously on the first day. Israel has so far rained more than 6000 bombs on the Gaza Strip in 6 days in response to Hamas’s 5000 rockets. This has created the Gaza Strip ruins. These 6,000 bombs dropped by Israel in Gaza in the last 6 days are almost equal to the total US bombing in Afghanistan in 1 year. This allows Israel’s counterattack to be easily gauged.

Middle East expert Charles Lister says the international terrorist organization ISIS Anti-Aligned has dropped an average of 2,500 bombs per month in Syria and Iraq. In just 6 days Israel has set a new record by dropping 6000 bombs on the Gaza Strip. Seeing this macabre form of Israel, panic has spread …

Hamas terrorists now assuming power from Israeli attack

The land of the Gaza Strip has been barren from Israeli blatant attacks. Now Hamas terrorists are also beginning to weigh. The Washington Post quoted Mark Garlasco, a military adviser to the Dutch organization PAX for Peace, as saying that Israel “In less than a week, Afghanistan is dropping as many bombs as the US has been dropping in Afghanistan in a year. Garlasco is also a former UN war crimes investigator in Libya. He cited the records of the US Air Force Central Command, stating that the highest number of bombs dropped in a year for the war in Afghanistan was slightly over 7,423. According to the daily report, according to the United Nations, during the entire war in Libya, NATO reported more than 7,600 bombs and missiles being dropped from the planes.

So far more than 1500 deaths in Israeli attack

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Thursday that the number of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip had risen to 1,537. The statement said that the dead included 500 children and 276 women, while 6,612 people were injured. Earlier on Thursday, the Indian Air Force said on X that “dozens of fighter jets and helicopters attacked several terrorist targets of the Hamas terrorist organization throughout the Gaza Strip.” It added, “So far the Israeli Airforce has dropped about 6,000 bombs at Hamas targets.

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