What did Rahul Gandhi say after the caste census data? Congress leader said the attack on the centre with the support of the report


The caste-based census report in Bihar has been released. According to the data released, the backward class in Bihar is 27.13% and the extremely backward class is 36.01%, the normal class is 15.52%. Bihar has a total population of over 13 crores.

New Delhi: After the caste census data in Bihar, the politics of the country has come under new stirring. The Nitish government of Bihar conducted a caste census, which was also opposed by all the people but the government conducted this census. Now its figures were released on October 2 today. Now politics has also started after the figures have come out. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has attacked the central government with the support of this report.

Rahul Gandhi, writing on social media platform X, said, “The caste census of Bihar showed that there are OBC + SC + ST 84. The 90 secretaries of the central government have only 3 OBCs, which handle only 5% of India’s budget. Therefore, it is important to know the caste figures of India. The more the population, the more – this is our greetings.” Please tell that Rahul Gandhi has been an attacker on the Modi government of the Center for the last several days regarding the OBC community.

At the same time, after the release of caste census data, Bihar’s CM Nitish Kumar tweeted-“Today, on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the caste-based census data in Bihar has been published. Many congratulations to the entire team engaged in caste-based calculation work. Caste-based calculation resolution passed “unanimously in Legislature.

At the same time, the Bharatiya Janata Party has attacked the Nitish government after coming to the fore of this report. Union Minister Giriraj Singh says, “The caste census will do nothing more than spread ‘confusion’ among the state’s poor and the public. He should have given a report card that Nitish Kumar ruled the state for 18 years and Lalu Yadav ruled the state for 15 years but did not develop the state. The caste census report card is just a show.

BJP from the beginning of the survey of the emperor Chaudhary

At the same time, the State BJP President, Emperor Chaudhary said, “I was repeatedly telling Nitish Kumar to release the report soon. This is a half-hearted report, now the BJP will see the full report, investigate and then make its detailed statement. It is half-incomplete, which is economically, and socially backward class, it is not reported।. Right now only the castes have been counted by Nitish Kumar but we will take the report of what technology has done this. Lalu Yadav’s habit has been to spread the Jati mania. BJP has been a supporter of the Jatiya survey from the beginning.


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