China’s submarine trapped in its own net, 55 Chinese navies feared killed, dragon in shock


China’s nuclear submarine trapped itself in the trap it laid for enemies. It is being reported that 55 marines are feared dead due to suffocation due to the failure of the oxygen system. This has been revealed in a UK secret report.

China News: China’s nuclear submarine itself got trapped in the trap it had laid for foreign ships in the Yellow Sea. 55 Chinese navies are feared dead in this accident. China has been shocked by this incident. The accident reported the deaths of 55 navies of the People’s Liberation Army ( PLA ). According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the nuclear submarine itself was trapped in a trap intended to trap British ships in the Yellow Sea. A similar accident occurred a few days ago. No statement has been made on this from China yet.

What happened in the nuclear submarine, why did so many marines die?

According to a UK secret report, a naval death was caused by a catastrophic failure of the submarine’s oxygen system. Due to this, the crew succumbed to poison. The dead are said to have captions of the Chinese PLA Navy submarine ‘093-417’ and 21 more officers. China has officially denied the incident. China is believed to have refused to request international help for its damaged submarine.

Yellow Sea accident

Something about this fatal UK report was written like this, ‘Intelligence reports that Submarine B was the victim of an accident while carrying out a mission in the Yellow Sea on 21 August. According to the report, the incident happened at 8:12. As a result, 55 navies died। including 22 officers, seven officer cadets, nine junior officers and 17 sailors. The dead also include Captain Colonel Xu Yong-peng.’ China’s Type 093 submarines have been part of the Navy for the past 15 years. It is 351 feet long and equipped with torpedoes. The Type 093 is one of China’s At Yadhun ik submarines and has no noise.

Traps laid for American ships, trapped on their own!

The report stated that ‘there are fears that the deaths of the marines were due to hypoxia due to system failure on the submarine. The chain and anchor used by the Chinese Navy to trap American and Allied submarines claw collided with the barrier. This caused the system to fail. During the repair, the ship’s oxygen system stopped working and died of suffocation. China has not publicly confirmed any independent damage to the submarine in this case.

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