If not wearing the hijab, the police beaten up, 16 year old girl in coma, Iran could again flare up protests


The hijab case in Iran may then spark a protest. In the latest case, the police beat up a 16-year-old girl because she did not wear a hijab. The girl has gone into a coma due to this beating. There is a lot of discussion on social media.

Iran Hijab Controversy: The protest of women in Iran on the Hijab case has been much discussed in recent times. Women have staged considerable protests against the inevitability of the hijab. Amid all this, Iran’s regime administration continues to aggress in this matter. In the latest case, the police brutally beat a 16-year-old girl for not wearing the hijab. So strictly beaten that the girl went into a coma. Protests could erupt once again in Iran after the incident due to the violent attitude of the police on the hijab case.

According to media reports, a 16-year-old girl is in a coma and swinging between life and death due to a beating by Iran’s moral police. It is alleged that female policemen beat her in the metro for not wearing her hijab by the girl. This beating has caused serious injuries to his head and neck. Although the government of Iran has denied the incident, the incident remains a matter of discussion in social media. Let me tell you that about a year ago, a young woman named Mahsa Amini in Iran was also beaten badly by the moral police there on charges of not wearing a hijab, In which Mahsa was killed. Countrywide protests began in Iran after Mahsa’s death., In which hundreds of people were killed and thousands were arrested.

Kurdish organization accused, moral police beaten

The woman who has been beaten to go into a coma is named Armita Garavand. Kurdish organization Hengaw has alleged that women workers of Iran’s moral police force beat up Armita’s metro train for not wearing a hijab. Armita is a resident of Tehran, the capital of Iran but is originally related to the Kurdish-dominated region of Kermanshah in western Iran. The victim is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Tehran. Nobody is being allowed to meet him right now. The alleged photographs of Armita on social media are going viral, with bandages tied to her head and neck and pipes in her mouth. He is in a come.

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