How did Israel’s air safety shield Iron Dome fail? How did Hamas commit such a deadly attack while living


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that ‘ we are at war. ’ Netanyahu also claimed that Hamas would pay the price of this attack ‘ as he would not have thought.

Israel: Israel is currently going through its worst phase. The way the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel is hardly imagined by anyone. The Israeli army is believed to be among the world’s most powerful armies. He has Mossad, the world’s most tremendous intelligence agency. But even after this, Hamas succeeded in attacking Israel. Israel has also retaliated after this attack and declared war. But in the midst of all this, the question arises that Israel talks about the Iron Dome system for the protection of the air border. Hamas did this tremendous attack while he was? How did Hamas distinguish this defence shield of Israel this time?

What is the Iron Drone System?

Israel has a years-old war with Palestine. Everyone has their own perspective on who is right and who is wrong in this war. But in this war, the Israeli military developed this technology to reduce damage and deal with its enemies. It prevents air strikes on the Israelis. The Iron Dome was developed in keeping with the Rafael Advanced Defense System in collaboration with the US to counter rocket attacks. Israel has been using this system since 2011. The Israeli military and government claim that the Iron Dome is the world’s most developed air defence system and has a success rate of over 90 per cent.

How does this Iron Dome work?

Air Defense System Iron Dome consists mainly of three parts Radar, launcher and command post. The DOM system through radar decides whether a rocket or any other object is a threat or something else. If the system feels that it is a threat, the Iron Dome fires an interceptor missile on the rocket. Tamir missiles are currently being used in the Iron Dome. The system from which the missile is launched is called a launcher. It is of two types। Stationery and Mobile. The stationery is a fitted system in one place and the mobile is moved from one place to another. Missiles are fired directly upwards into the air। She then changes direction, tracing her target. These interceptors collide with the rocket in the air and destroy it. At the same time, this entire rhizome is monitored from the command post.

How did Iron Dome fail this time?

Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas remains at the forefront of attacks on Israel all the time. But Israel has kept all its borders impenetrable. His troops guard the ground borders and the security of the air border was handed over to the Iron Dome. Hamas launched the attack in an aerial manner. He had carried out airstrikes many times before, but each time he failed his intentions because of the Iron Dome. But what happened this time was that he succeeded in his nefarious intentions. Actually, after repeated failures, Hamas was finding the weakness of the Iron Dome and this time she came to know him. This time Hamas attacked the Salvo rocket attack ( several rockets launched in a short time ). This makes it difficult for the control system to stop all targets. This time more than 5,000 rockets were launched in just 20 minutes. These rockets were also of short distance. So by the time the system guessed and counter-attacked them, the work had been done.

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Israeli Air Safety Armor Iron Dome
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Israeli Air Safety Armor Iron Dome

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