Vastu Tips: Do you know what is the benefit of having a bag of laughing Buddha in hand, the results will be surprised by knowing


Vastu Tips: Vastu scripture states many advantages of keeping a Laughing Buddha in a home or office. But know where to put which Laughing Buddha to get different good fruits from Acharya Indu Prakash.

Vastu Tips: In Vastu Shastra, today we will tell you which idol of Laughing Buddha you should apply to increase your income. If your business is not growing even after hard work, hard work and effort, Your income is not increasing or even after so many days of doing the job, there is no special edge in your salary, then your income to progress in business To increase, a statue of Laughing Buddha should be placed in his hand. You should keep this idol near your office or your cabin’s main gate in such a way that people should be seen by the people coming and going. One thing and that the bag should not be empty, the stuff in it should be seen coming outward. At the same time, if you are a job beer, then you should keep a laughing Buddha sitting on a boat at the working table of your office. This will see the way of progress opening on its own.

Apply these laffing Buddha to get different fruits

1. To increase your decision-making ability, place a statue or picture of Buddha laughing at home. This will increase happiness in the house and your confidence level will also increase.
2. To shine your luck and succeed in every task, keep a statue of Laughing Buddha resting at home or in awe.
3. To strengthen the economic condition of the house, place a statue of the money-tinted Laughing Buddha on the shoulder। This will remove your money-related problems.

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