Know what Hamas started by a wheelchair man who has been making headaches for Israel for many years


The US has announced to help Israel after the Hamas attack. According to information, US President Joe Biden has spoken to Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu over the phone. They have then sent a fleet of warships to the geo-central ocean.

Israel: It is a normal morning in Israel on Saturday 07 October, but at around 6:30 the scene becomes creepy. Sirens begin to ring in many areas of Israel. There are siren signs that something has been extremely dangerous. There is chaos everywhere. The sound of gunfire is heard all around. In the beginning, nobody understands anything. There was open firing on the streets with slogans of ‘Allah Hu Akbar. After a while, it was clear that Israel had been attacked. The attack has been carried out by no one else but Hamas, its oldest and greatest enemy, whose stronghold is Palestine. Let us know if this is Hamas, which created a slaughter in a country like Israel. More than 7 thousand Israeli civilians have died and several thousand people have been injured due to this slaughterhouse.

What is Hamas?

Hamas is a terrorist organization whose stronghold is Palestine. This organization operates from Palestine itself. Hamas’ full name in Arabic is Harkat al-Mukawama al-Islamiyya, which means the Islamic resistance movement. The establishment took place in December 1987 during the first Palestinian intifada or rebellion. Its purpose is to establish an Islamic state in Palestine. This rebel group was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yasin. Ahmed Yasin had been disabled since the age of 12 but made his Rutwa so that he sat in a wheelchair throughout the organization until his death in 2004 Every member of Hamas used to command his orders. Initially, the purpose of this organization was to free the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem from Israeli occupation.

Hamas weapons were initially demonstrations and stones

Hamas did not have weapons at the time of its establishment in 1987. The group used to stonewall protests and the Israeli military, but an incident on the Gaza checkpost during this time changed the appearance of Hamas. In fact, four Palestinians were killed in the firing of the Israeli army during a demonstration here, after which Hamas took up arms and issued a draft in the year 1988. It said that now his motive is to destroy Israel and establish an Islamic Society in the historical terrain of Palestine. At the same time, in 1992, there was a big change in the form of Hamas and it started carrying out suicide attacks on Israel. After this, it came to be known as a terrorist organization.

Israel and Hamas rusted after 2005

Hamas underwent major changes after 2005. In 2006, he won the Palestinian parliamentary elections and took over Gaza. Hamas accused President Mahmoud Abbas of plotting against him. At the same time, the Hamas occupation was called a coup by Abbas. Hamas then began to attack Israel continuously. The fight between the two became common. Israel developed its own technology to avoid attacks and developed an air safety technology called the Iron Dome for air security. Till now this technology was working as an armour for Israel, but this time Hamas terrorists also distinguished it and entered the Israeli house and massacred it.

Which countries consider Hamas a terrorist organization?

Hamas was established to liberate Palestine from Israel. But gradually this organization wandered off its cause. It is now compared to an organization like ISIS. All countries around the world consider Hamas a terrorist organization, including the US, the European Union, Canada, Australia and Japan. However, there are some countries that do not consider Hamas a terrorist organization. China, Egypt, Iran, Norway, Qatar, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Syria are the main ones. Iraq, Qatar and Syria are accused of helping the organization most economically and strategically. Israel claims that Qatar alone has given more than $ 1.8 billion in help to Hamas.

How powerful is Hamas?

Hamas put the world in the way of calling such a massive attack on Israel and putting it in the world. The question then arises as to how strong this organization is. If some media reports are to be believed, there are more than 50 thousand fighters in this organization. Most of it is young people who are recruited in the name of ending Israel. Their strength can be gauged from the fact that the iron dome was described as impossible for anyone to penetrate, During that, Hamas fired more than 5,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip in just 20 minutes. Along with this, Hamas’s elite unit has also been seen using Cornet-guided anti-tank missiles. Hamas trends its fighters with all kinds of technology in training, ranging from wielding weapons to more waste methods in less time.

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Israel-Hamas War
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Israel-Hamas War
Image Source: Shakti Global News
Israel-Hamas War
Image Source: Shakti Global News
Sheikh Ahmed Yasin

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